About Us

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Our Commitment to You

Quality    |    Style    |    Safety    |    Experience

The AHA Moment

6 years ago we had an epiphany…

Everyone knew smoking is not good for you, but the prevalent ways to consume cannabis at the time were limited to smoking it either rolled up in a paper or in a pipe.  Many got adventurous and created water bongs to pass the smoke through water in their attempts to filter and refine the experience.  Our founders saw all these as primitive methods – they knew there had to be a better way.

It was around this time that vape culture was just starting to heat up (pun intended) and seeing the potential in this technology to advance the cannabis experience our founders went about learning all they could about this delivery method and its crossover abilities for cannabis.

During our research we made an amazing discovery – The desired compounds in cannabis, namely the CBDs and THC can be activated at a much lower temperature than is required to actually light the cannabis on fire.  While smoking requires the combustion (lighting) of the cannabis, it also burns hot enough to allow much more than just the desired compounds into your system, including many unwanted compounds.  By introducing a controlled heating system we can empower the user to get more of what they want out of their product and less of what they don’t want.

Our Philosophy

Using NINJOINTS Advanced Vape Technology, we can empower the full spectrum of cannabis users, ranging from medicinal patients to recreational enthusiasts to enjoy a better consumption experience.

Our Team

The NINJOINTS Team consists of the best and brightest of the essential disciplines required to bring our customers a superior product at a great value.
We have assembled a team of award-winning designers, engineers, product developers and have consulted with cannabis connoisseurs from coast-to-coast to bring you a unified vision of the best products on the market that will deliver on our commitment of Quality, Style, Safety & Experience… So all you need to do is Inhale & Enjoy!

Our Approach

With diligent research and development, a careful balance has been achieved between iconic style and unparalleled performance in OUR revolutionary suite of NINJOINTS.

1) Custom Calibrated Electronic Vapour Delivery System 

The advanced vapour delivery technology that goes into each NINJOINT outperforms the competition’s generic vape solutions by providing our users with maximum draw and smoke creation without compromising the integrity of the THC or CBD content, creating the environment for optimal delivery and uptake for your enjoyment.

2) Uncompromising Delivery Method Quality

Every care has been taken in acquiring the highest grade cannabis for your enjoyment. Laboratory grade extraction methods, tools, and procedures ensure that the product is top quality.

3) Sleek, Sturdy & DISCREET Design 

Our design team approached this project with the vision of creating a vaping experience that exudes confidence in the sweet simplicity of its design. You can’t help but appreciate the sleek, iconic design of the revolutionary NINJOINT and will revel in the admiration it receives when you pull it out to share with friends. The beauty is in its tasteful simplicity.

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